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Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals:
Research, Process, and Resources

SMI_PictureThis book, co-authored with Kelly Barner, provides procurement professionals with the process, skills, and resources to develop a supply market intelligence program that will deliver value to the organization as a whole. We clearly explain each of the concepts introduced and then provide the background and steps required to make execution possible.

Part I of the text outlines how to design a supply market intelligence program that meets the needs of the organization while integrating with existing procurement team structures and processes. Part II is a detailed listing of resources available to procurement professionals that will prove to be a trusted guide to a seemingly endless pool of resources and a targeted quick reference for more experienced researchers.

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“Having now finished the book in a mere 2 ½ days, I can say without question that this is a must read for all sourcing professionals. The first 100 or so pages are dedicated to explaining how Supply Market Intelligence is gathered and why we need this insight. The rest of the book is PACKED with resources as to where to go to garner this intelligence… Chapter 5, The Business Case for Supply Market Intelligence is, in my opinion, one of the best in the book because it makes you think about how to justify the additional effort required to make this investment…and it starts with running a Supply Market Intelligence pilot before you launch a full-scale effort. The quality assurance chapter (Chapter 6) is also a great one because it focuses you on the need for third party validation.” Dawn Evans, President, CEO, SIG, Letter from the President, Inside Sourcing Newsletter, May 2015

“Navigating the world of supply market intelligence can often be daunting. Kelly Barner and Jeanette Jones do a fantastic job with this go-to resource for procurement professionals. Rich content, fresh perspectives, helpful information for the novice or the veteran. Procurement teams can highly benefit from all of the resources this book offers.” —Andrea Holley, Amazon review, dated May 8, 2015

“Jeanette Jones and Kelly Barner’s take on market intelligence for procurement professionals is spot on. ‘Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals’ tackles one of the most important, yet least tangible aspects of the sourcing profession – how to get access to good, relevant information about supply markets quickly, and then maintain that information so that you have it when you need it…From commodity indexes and supplier directories for chemicals and agriculture, all the way to resources that can help attack marketing and IT projects, this comprehensive list of sources is by itself something many organizations might pay tens of thousands of dollars to gain access to.” —Joe Payne, Vice President of Professional Services at Source One Management Services, Book Review: Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals, The Strategic Sourceror, April 13, 2015

“The Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals book, a welcoming new resource, provides valuable references and tools for Supply Management Professionals who are interested in taking their organization to the next level. Topics and resource materials are well organized and easy to use. This book is timely and spot on becoming one of those references Supply Management professionals just have to have.” Soheila Lunney, Ph.D. President Lunney Advisory Group, Amazon review dated March 30, 2015 

“It’s not often that a book comes across our desk that we ultimately place on our shelf. We receive many, and there are more already jammed into our bookcase, one result of our covering the procurement profession over the years….The two have written a book chock full of resources that procurement and supply management professionals can refer to when researching a commodity or category, and it’s one that we will use when putting together articles, blogs and white papers for My Purchasing Center.” Susan Avery, Chief Editor at My Purchasing Center, quoted from Essential Resources Abound in Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals Book, Jan. 13, 2015

“In a business world where it seems the only certainty is uncertainty, the solitary source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge…Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals by Jeanette Jones and Kelly Barner is a wide-ranging and authoritative book which provides procurement professionals with an invaluable resource to develop both their personal and organisational supply market intelligence.” Gerard Chick FCIPS, Chief Knowledge Officer Optimum Procurement Group. Read the entire review here.

“This book will soon become the “go to” desktop reference for supply market intelligence. It is superbly organized and documented. It is the essential road map for procurement transformation and supply chain predictive science. The resource references alone are worth the price of the book! I highly recommend it.” —Dr. Tom DePaoli, Author, Management Program Director, Marian University, CEO, Apollo Solutions (Here is Amazon review also)

“Just published, this very valuable new reference book from Jeanette Jones and Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point bridges supply management strategy and intelligence/analytics for purchasing, manufacturing and other supply management pros looking to pull all the disparate pieces together.” —Patricia E. Moody, Writer, Manufacturing and Supply Management Consultant, and publisher of Blue Heron Journal, Supply Market Intelligence, December 2014

Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals is an essential tool for every sourcing professional’s toolkit. Many companies overlook the importance of market intelligence as a key component of strategic sourcing and others don’t know where to start. The authors clearly have done their homework and have pulled together the profession’s most comprehensive resource guidebook which not only helps sourcing professionals understand the importance of market intelligence, but gives them to tools to hit the ground running.” —Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Graduate and Executive Education, College of Business Administration, University of Tennessee

Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals demonstrates the full impact that properly informed procurement can have on the top and bottom lines of an organization. The book provides the process details and resources required to enable execution by any practitioner.” —Jon Hansen, Host, PI Window on the World Show, Blog Talk Radio & Editor, Procurement Insights

“This is a must read and use book on supply market intelligence (SMI) for both professionals and academics. Jones and Barner show how to develop a supply market intelligence program that will deliver real value to an organization using the SMI process diagrams and logistics quick analysis resource charts provided in the book. Concepts are clearly explained and well illustrated with numerous real world examples. Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals is a well-written book that comes with a comprehensive listing of well-researched resources for procurement professionals and seasoned academics as well.” —G. Keong Leong, Associate Dean, College of Business Administration and Public Policy, California State University, Dominguez Hills


Information and Research Resources for Procurement Professionals


The goal of this book is to help procurement professionals find information in the areas of strategic sourcing, supplier management and purchasing. Specific research resources are listed in sections that include: supplier identification, supplier diligence/monitoring, category market intelligence, best practices, operations benchmarking, pricing, professional associations, websites/networks, magazines, blogs, consulting firms, and research/analyst firms.

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